Tempting photo of details from a CRU cheese and fig recipe, highlighting rustic bread edges and oil.
Distinctive CRU symbol, including the 3 colors of claret and purple in the grapes, on a rich purple background.
Photo of delicious CRU pizza, with a focus on the crust on the edges, rustic serving tray and wood grain table.
Press snippet from Kim Harwell of the Dallas Morning News highlighting CRU as a "Cozy and romantic wine bar lures grape lovers and sophisticated foodies."
Outdoor photo shot of CRU location, highlighting the bustling activity outside and the warm yellow glow of lights inside. Find your local CRU location.
Photo of delicious CRU bruschetta, with a focus on the colorful toppings and rustic bread base.
Join us for events at CRU: including Pizza Mondays and Champagne Thursdays. The CRU gift card makes a great gift.
Photo emphasizing the chef's attention to detail while plating a CRU order.
Action photo of CRU chefs cooking and flipping hot food in a skillet.
A line of wine glasses each featuring the distinctive CRU wine leaf symbol.